About Us

Since 2011 we have been creating high quality scalemodels for collectors. Workshop issued many scale models, that have never been produced by other manufacturers. We making our models entirely by hand, in a limited editions, with high detalisation and fully compliant with the prototype.

Attention to the history and details

When we prepare for the production of each project, we use a lot of blueprints photos and video, to make the smallest details of a car on the scalemodel.

New technologies and best materials

We use only the best materials and are constantly improving the technologies of molding, painting and assembling of models. This allows to produce high quality models.

Handmade and quality control

Each model is hand-casted, hand-painted and hand-assembled. It passes rigorous quality control at every stage of production, from developing to assembling.



We can develop and produce almost any scalemodel of existing and not existing cars. A huge experience of our team and modern 3D modeling technologies allows us to create models that surpass your expectations.

Small parts

We can develop and produce any details for models of any scales from plastic (polyurethane). It can be painted in any color or chromed. Details can be copied from a sample (master-model) or made using 3D modelling.

Transparent details

We can make any transparent details, including painted in various translucent lacquers. Details can be copied from a sample (master-model) or made using 3D modelling.


We can develop and produce any decals for any scales (1:87, 1:43, 1:25, 1:18, etc.). Decals can be monocolored or multicolored including white, silver and gold paint.

Photoetched details

We can develop and produce metal photoetched details (photoetching) for any scale with a thickness of 0.2 to 0.4 mm. In addition, the chrome coating is available for photoetched details.

Rubber tires

We have two types of rubber tires for 1:43 scalemodels (9 mm=15” and 11 mm=17”). We can develop and produce a rubber tires for any scale and any model using 3D modelling or a sample (master-model).

License plates

We can develop and print any license plates for any scales (1:87, 1:43, 1:25, 1:18, etc.). It can be done in different technologies (photo paper, self-adhesive photo paper, decals or photoetching).

3D modelling

We can develop any models or details using 3D modelling technologies. Developed models or details can be “printed” using modern 3D-printers with a small step size. In addition, we can “print” your 3D-models on our printers.

Chromed details

We can coat your details or models with chemical paint looking just like chrome coating. The advantage of this technology is that it can be used with any plastic details. However, it looks like real chrome coating.

Our projects